Winter 2019 Photographic Workshops

  • Advanced Photography Icon

    Advanced Darkroom

    Instructor: Nick Johnson

    Tuesday 6:00- 9:00 PM

    January 8 - March 12

    Advanced Darkroom is aimed at expanding artistic control of the fine art print. During this Ten-week period, we will explore several advanced negative and print making techniques we can use to bring our creative vision…

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  • Wet Darkroom Icon

    Alternative Process – Wet Plate

    Instructor: Ronald Cowie

    Sat/ Sun 10:00 AM- 4:00

    January 26 - January 27

    This two day workshop is a fun introduction to wet plate printing, one of the most exciting of the antique processes in the fine art world. It was made famous by such master photographers such…

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  • Personal Vision Icon

    Alternative Process: Tintype

    Instructor: Ronald Cowie

    Saturday- Sunday 10 AM-4 PM

    March 16 - March 17

    This two day workshop is an exciting introduction to the world of antique processes. A cousin to the daguerreotype, tintypes are the younger lightweight photo objects made popular during the American Civil War, which later…

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  • Foundation Photography Icon

    Basic Darkroom

    Instructor: Nick Johnson

    Thursday 6:00-9:00 PM

    January 10 - March 14

    This workshop presents the fundamentals of black & white photography and explores the basic functions of the camera. The class goal is to produce a high quality negative and technically strong black & white prints….

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