Winter 2019 Photographic Workshops

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    Alternative Process: Tintype

    Instructor: Ronald Cowie

    Saturday- Sunday 10 AM-4 PM

    March 16 - March 17

    This two day workshop is an exciting introduction to the world of antique processes. A cousin to the daguerreotype, tintypes are the younger lightweight photo objects made popular during the American Civil War, which later…

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    Documentary Photography

    Instructor: Michael Hintlian

    Saturday 9:30-12:30 PM

    January 12 - March 2

    As documentarians, we are in the “point of view” business. How do we tell our stories with integrity, clarity and honesty? Where does personal vision come from and how do you tell a story with…

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    Editing and Sequencing 2-Day

    Instructor: Suzanne Revy

    Sat/Sun 9:30 AM-3:30 PM

    March 2 - March 3

    A well edited picture story can be like a beautifully composed piece of music, made up of different notes, whispers, crescendos and the finale. Photographers working on a long term project, or those who simply…

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    Elements of Design & Composition: How to Make Stronger Pictures – A

    Instructor: Suzanne Revy

    Saturday 9:30-3:30

    January 19 - January 19

    This is an introductory course for anyone looking to improve their compositional skills. Design elements such as framing, angle, perspective, line, color, and time will be explored in an in-depth manner. A short history lesson…

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    Intro to Large Format Photography

    Instructor: Nick Johnson

    Sat/ Sun 10:00 AM- 4:00

    March 23 - March 24

    Take this rare opportunity to work with Zone System photographer Nick Johnson, exploring the magic of the 4×5 view camera.  This introductory level workshop will include: getting to know the controls and handling of the…

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    Photographing People I

    Instructor: Dana Smith

    Tuesday 5:30-9:00 PM

    January 8 - March 12

    A photograph can communicate a tremendous amount of information to the viewer. When a person is the subject of your image, how you photograph them – their expression, body language and body position, gestures, environment,…

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    Studio Light Painting

    Instructor: Jurgen Lobert

    Monday 6:00-9:00 PM

    January 7 - February 18

    This workshop will introduce students to the techniques of applying light to objects and models from a variety of light sources, without using standard studio lights. Applying directional light can add more intriguing and intricate…

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