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This is a workshop to explore the creative aspects of long exposures taken during daylight. Similar in concept to night photography, daytime long exposures record 1 to 15 minutes of time in a single photo, no longer freezing actions but rather recording the element of time, where water surfaces smooth over to a mirror finish, clouds form bands in the sky, lights and shadows soften and people start disappearing. The resulting imagery is peaceful, can be otherworldly and strangely beautiful. We will utilize neutral density filters in order to accomplish our goals and the workshop will balance lectures with demonstrative location shoots and will include lessons on content specific equipment and settings for proper exposure, white balance and post processing. We will also engage in image reviews allowing students to practice their editing and critiquing skills.

The first class will cover all aspects of DLE photography. If you are unable to attend that first class, we strongly recommend that you consider waiting to take the course when it is offered in a future workshop session. Please also note that the location shoots will be outside of NESOP in the Boston area and require some driving as well as some walking in uneven terrain.


To participate in this class, student must be 18 years of age or the minimum of a high school graduate (or the equivalent).


This course is suitable for any beginner, intermediate or advanced photographer wanting to learn long exposure photography. An understanding of their camera and its controls is needed, especially manually controlling time, aperture, ISO and white balance. File development techniques through Lightroom and/or Photoshop will be covered in the review sessions.


Gear Requirements: Any camera which has RAW file capability and manual exposure controls will work for this class. Additionally, students will need a tripod and intervalometer/remote control for steady long exposures as well as at least one 10 stop (1000x or 3.0 density) neutral density filter. Equipment needs will be covered in the first session and filters can be purchased before the first photo shoot. Bring your gear to the first classroom event if you have questions.

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Please note: NESOP’s evening workshops do not fall under the scope of the school’s accreditation, and so they are not accredited by ACCSC.