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CAMP PHOTO- 2 Day Course: Fashion Photography

Aimed at giving students a hands on experience in Fashion Portraiture, students will convene at NESOP on day one to discuss technical and conceptual considerations of contemporary fashion photography followed by an afternoon of shooting under the guidance of an instructor with models coordinated by the school. Day two will cover demonstrations in our Digital Lab on post production techniques for file treatment consistent with industry aesthetics.


Required: Students must be age 15-18 yrs to enroll. Students must provide a digital SLR or mirrorless camera with lens, battery, memory card, instruction manual and portable hard drive. Familiarity with basic computer concepts is assumed- NESOP is a Macintosh environment, please keep this in mind when purchasing a portable hard drive. For the purpose of this workshop, we recommend: 1 TB, USB 3.0 portable hard drive.

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Please note: NESOP’s evening workshops do not fall under the scope of the school’s accreditation, and so they are not accredited by ACCSC.