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CAMP PHOTO 2: Advanced Creative Capture

This class moves beyond the technical controls of the camera and introduces students to theories of design and the visual aspects of image making which become powerful communication tools for artists. On a daily basis, compositional topics are introduced and the class will look at the work of contemporary artists for inspiration before going on creative daily shooting excursions. By the end of class, students will have developed a language for describing and critiquing their work and should have a stronger understanding of how to build a more meaningful and visually impactful images.

Parents/Guardians please note: As per the course description, students will be taken outside the school facilities and around the city of Waltham on shooting expeditions during these workshops. By registering your child/student, you acknowledge and understand the course description and give (your) permission to allow your child/student to participate in these daily excursions.



Prerequisite: Students must be age 15-18 yrs to enroll. This is an advanced course- students must complete week 1 of Camp Photo: Creative Capture and Workflow, or must have a strong understanding of camera controls and Adobe Lightroom. Students must provide a digital SLR or mirrorless camera with lens, battery, memory card and instruction manual and portable hard drive. Portable flash drives and printing paper and ink will be provided for each student.
NESOP is a Macintosh environment, please keep this in mind when purchasing a portable hard drive. For the purpose of this workshop, we recommend: 1 TB, USB 3.0 portable hard drive.

To participate in this class, student must be 15-18 years of age. 


**Early tuition discount ends: June 3rd 2019 11:59pm

July 22 - July 26

10:00 AM - 4:00 PM


$575 / $600

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Please note: NESOP’s evening workshops do not fall under the scope of the school’s accreditation, and so they are not accredited by ACCSC.