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Architectural Photography On Location

In this 10-week workshop, students will learn to create dynamic images of architectural interiors and exteriors. This expanded 50-hour workshop offers the same technical content as our shorter, evening Architectural Photography workshop, with numerous in-class on-location shooting opportunities added throughout the course, providing students with a valuable experiential learning component. The course will also provide extensive demonstration of Photoshop techniques showing perspective correction, ways to extend dynamic range and a variety of other essential skills will help students learn to create professional looking images. Through weekly analysis and discussion of different photographic styles within architectural photography, students will begin to understand the array of creative possibilities when approaching architectural subjects. Students must have proficiency with their digital SLR camera and have access to a tripod. Additionally, to benefit the most from this workshop, students should have access to a recent version of Photoshop.


Digital Camera I or equivalent experience

To participate in this class, student must be 18 years of age or the minimum of a high school graduate (or the equivalent).

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Please note: NESOP’s evening workshops do not fall under the scope of the school’s accreditation, and so they are not accredited by ACCSC.