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A Kick in the Pants: A Critique Workshop

As artists, we all need a kick in the pants. No matter how passionate or how dedicated we may be, it takes practice and commitment in order to reach that next level. Maintaining that discipline is perhaps the biggest obstacle we face in becoming better photographers. This workshop is designed to guide, stimulate and motivate those who love making pictures, but often find it hard to get out there and shoot.

Through intensive weekly critiques and class discussions, we will explore new ways of going about making pictures while continuing to refine our own existing creative process. Discussions and demonstrations will occasionally focus on different technical aspects, like being resourceful with portable lights, keeping shooting situations simple yet effective and developing the ability to solve visual problems with creative solutions. Most importantly, this class will provide a forum for students to show their work on a regular basis and receive individual feedback from their instructor, their classmates and occasionally from visiting professional artists— feedback that is honest, productive and geared toward the weekly progress of each photographer.

If you’re looking to begin a longterm project, or are in need of a new perspective on your current project, this course is ideal.


To participate in this class, student must be 18 years of age or the minimum of a high school graduate (or the equivalent).

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Please note: NESOP’s evening workshops do not fall under the scope of the school’s accreditation, and so they are not accredited by ACCSC.