Resources for Alumni

From your start in the program until well after graduation, the NESOP Student Services Department can assist you in establishing yourself as a profesional in the field and in finding full-time and freelance work. Professional Photography Program graduates maintain 24/7 access to an online job portal where you can see and respond to job postings and other career opportunities in real time. Of course, your NESOP family is always here to offer you feedback and support, and to be a touchstone for you throughout your career.

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Resources for Employers

The Student Services Office enables individuals, companies or other photographers to find a student or a graduate of our Professional Photography Program for photographic work in a timely manner. Job leads are posted directly to our online Job Portal in real time; from the portal, alumni of the Professional Photography Program and students in the second year of the program may access job leads. Because of the volume of individuals accessing this information, you may experience a high response rate. We find that most people using our placement service are able to hire a student or graduate from NESOP.