Facilities & Equipment

Advanced Facilities —designed to enable new levels of learning

NESOP provides approximately 12,000 square feet of facilities set in a vibrant and convenient Boston location. Our facilities offer open bay and private studios, extensive digital imaging classrooms and labs, traditional classrooms and darkrooms, the Garner Center for Photographic Exhibitions and more.


NESOP stocks professional photographic equipment - you learn using the same equipment currently used in the industry and equipment and software you will use in your career. Among the wide range of industry-standard gear, we offer cameras ranging from 35mm to 8x10, computers outfitted to meet the demands of today’s imaging industry, specialized lighting and a full range of imaging equipment to accommodate today's student needs.

Located at 537 Commonwealth Avenue, students will find the school’s stockroom fully equipped with industry standard, professional photographic equipment, private portrait studios and open bay studios that are adjustable/expandable to allow for use in product and tabletop assignments as well as portraits. The building also houses fully color-managed digital imaging classrooms and labs.   NESOP is proud of the fact, along with updating its facilities and equipment to offer the newest imaging technologies, we continue to offer facilities for traditional silver, historical and alternative processes; as such, students will also find within the facility private film processing rooms and gang darkrooms.



NESOP students work with a variety of cameras, lighting, darkroom equipment, computers and software for all applications - both commercial and fine art. Nikon, Canon, Apple, Adobe, Epson, Profoto, Photogenic, Manfrotto, Matthews, Chimera, Mole Richardson, Lowell, X-Rite, Cinevate, Rodes, Tascam and more are among the many brands students may use and be exposed to during their education at NESOP.

Media Support Lab

The School's Student Media Support Lab is located on the third floor of 537 Commonwealth Avenue and is equipped with Apple computers and supporting peripherals for a variety of student uses.  This lab exists to provide digital support including downloading, archiving, printing and Internet access to all NESOP students.  The NESOP campus offers a high-speed Internet connection.   

The Student Media Support Lab houses NESOP’s library. This library is a resource center containing various photographic resources including periodicals, photography books and individual study stations. Rare books and videos are kept in a secured location and the Academic Director offers access to students upon approval.

Digital Imaging

537 Commonwealth Avenue is also home to NESOP's fully color-managed digital imaging classrooms and labs.  These classrooms and labs are outfitted with Apple computers, Eizo monitors, Epson printers and a campus-wide high-speed Internet connection.  Scanning areas offer film and flatbed scanners by Nikon and Epson, accommodating all film formats and print scanning.  All machines are equipped with the most current version(s) of a variety of imaging software programs including the full Adobe Creative Cloud Suite (offering, among other applications, Photoshop, Lightroom, Premiere Pro, Dreamweaver, After Effects and InDesign).  Apple's Final Cut Pro X, Phase One's Capture One Pro and Google's Nik Collection softwares bring additional image editing tools to students.  In addition, students have access to specialty equipment such as Epson large format printers.  Classrooms and labs are equipped with color-correct viewing stations for printing.



Renting at NESOP

NESOP rents space in its digital imaging lab (provided the renter has taken a class in NESOP’s digital imaging classrooms or lab), studios and traditional darkrooms, as well as developing areas for black & white film. Facilities rentals allow you access to develop and print black & white in our traditional wet darkrooms, shoot in our common studio, work in our digital lab on the most updated imaging software, use our scanners or print using our Epson printers. From June through September, we make available our private portrait studios.

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