Editorial and Corporate

Editorial and Corporate

This program examines photography as a communication tool within the realm of editorial and corporate publications—including magazines, annual reports, brochures and other print and web-based media. Client-centered location photography plays a primary role in this program, emphasizing the importance of technical problem-solving and the use of creative lighting and composition. Throughout the program, students develop skills to create dynamic, exciting images that clearly communicate with viewers. A thorough analysis of the editorial and corporate market provides students with a solid understanding of the vast opportunities that exist within this industry.

Editorial and Corporate Courses

Editorial I: Study of the Editorial Market | 5 units

In this course, students analyze the editorial and corporate photography fields with a focus on careers. Through course assignments, students explore the creative possibilities and technical challenges that location photography offers. Using a variety of light sources and light modifiers, students learn to control light on location. Class lectures identify different areas within the field—including travel, profiles and features—and emphasize the importance of the photographer’s viewpoint in making images. Weekly critique sessions provide valuable feedback from viewers and help students in progressing their work.

Editorial II: The Projects Class | 5 units

During this term, students choose a long-term editorial project to challenge them and provide advanced learning opportunities. Throughout the course, students are encouraged to develop and refine their unique editorial style. Additional technical skills, including advanced lighting techniques and multiple light set-ups provide more tools to help students unleash their creativity and imagination in their image-making. Class lectures on working with clients and editors, pricing, licensing and print markets versus web-based markets help students develop a solid understanding of the business aspects of this field.

Editorial III: The Personal Portfolio Class | 5 units

Throughout the final course in this program, students continue to build and hone a distinct body of work that showcases their personal photographic style. Weekly critiques will aid in polishing the design, layout and presentation of each student’s final professional portfolio. Additional lectures addressing contracts, legal issues and developing a marketing strategy will complete this program. This provides a comprehensive education in creating visually dynamic editorial images. Students also gain a thorough understanding of the industry, essential for success in editorial and corporate photography.

Faculty Spotlight

Dana Smith

As one of Boston’s leading editorial photographers for over 20 years, Dana Smith has shot for and worked with many of the top photo editors and art directors in the magazine industry. Widely published both nationally and abroad, his images have appeared in publications such as The New York Times Magazine, Forbes, Fortune, Barron’s, The Wall Street Journal, Sports Illustrated, Time, Stern, Le Monde, Der Spiegel, Fast Company, MIT’s Technology Review, Nature, Harvard Business Review, Boston and Yankee. His client list also includes Boston College, Boston University, Brown University, Dartmouth College, Northeastern University, Greater Media, Inc., and Virgin. He has been showcased in American Photography as well as numerous galleries. In addition to his vast editorial background, he has the daily grind of 10 years of newspaper photojournalism experience behind him. Dana has been an instructor at the New England School of Photography since 1999. He was affiliated with the legendary Black Star agency in New York for 15 years and is now represented by Aurora/Novus Select. To see Dana’s work, go to:  www.danasmithphotography.com