Within this program, students gain the technical knowledge and professional skills essential to success in the field of architectural photography. An examination of the extensive equipment available, video and the latest digital technologies help students choose the appropriate tools to effectively and creatively capture images. Weekly lectures provide inspiration on style as well as analysis of post-production techniques necessary to create modern portfolios congruent with industry standards. This course covers interior design, hospitality, retail, restaurant, corporate and institutional photography for editorial and corporate applications. Scheduled on-location shoots with the instructor provide students rigorous one-on-one training and firsthand experience photographing some of Boston's most exciting historical gems while developing problem solving and efficient workflow skills. Business considerations, such as working with clients, legal issues and identifying different architectural photography markets, complete this comprehensive program. Beginning in Term 2, the use of multimedia becomes an integral part of the course and an important component of the students' final portfolios.

Architectural Courses

Architectural I: An Introduction to Architectural Photography | 5 units

This course introduces students to the world of architectural photography. Class lectures address the wide array of equipment and methods used in capturing both interior and exterior architectural photographs. In addition, lectures furnish solutions for overcoming common challenges like distortion issues and dealing with mixed light sources. An emphasis on designing and styling a photograph as well as creative problem solving on location teaches students to navigate a variety of challenges. Classes will include well-established architectural photographers as guest speakers who will showcase and discuss their portfolios while addressing how to break into the industry from a marketing standpoint.

Architectural II: Multimedia, Post-Production and The Marketplace | 5 units

Building on the concepts from term one, students will hone their skills in order to create dynamic exterior and interior images which focus on the dramatic use of light and digital post-production. Multi-media will be introduced as a tool used to meet client needs in an evolving industry. Additional weekly lectures will delve into more in-depth business concepts including licensing and pricing.

Architectural III: The Architectural Portfolio | 5 units

Having mastered the technical skills in the previous terms, students will work to expand their portfolios through extended location shooting. The year-long course will culminate in the creation of a dynamic portfolio of cohesive still images and a multimedia piece. Students will also generate price lists, legal forms, promotional cards and gain other business skills essential for success in this field.