The Location

Vibrant, Waltham

Vibrant Waltham NESOP is located just minutes outside of Boston in Waltham, Massachusetts—a convenient location within minutes of I-95, the Mass Turnpike (I-90) and Route 2, easily accessible by car and extremely close to public transportation. Waltham offers access to a thriving arts community and an endless supply of photographic subjects in every imaginable area of specialization. While extensive learning takes place within our facility, a tremendous amount of the NESOP education occurs outside of the physical classroom. Instructors regularly take their students on location around Waltham, Boston and beyond for genuine experiential learning, and NESOP students are o en found collaborating with students from other institutions, agency professionals and actual clients throughout the area; an opportunity not readily available for students attending photography schools in more rural or isolated environments. Waltham’s local, active art associations and diverse photographic opportunities combined with nearby Boston’s museums, art galleries, world-famous colleges and universities, libraries and countless resources make it the ideal location for NESOP students to learn and live in a friendly and welcoming community.

Get to Know the City of Waltham

Waltham is commonly referred to as Watch City due to the city’s history of watch-making and its association with the watch industry.

Nearby Boston is home to approximately 300,000 college students. Waltham is home to Bentley University and Brandeis University.

Waltham’s average annual temperature is approximately 49° F with summer highs occasionally reaching 83+° F and winter lows typically around 17° F

In Waltham, Moody Street—on which NESOP is now located—has also been called “Restaurant Row” for its many diverse dining establishments.

The Sports Authority Training Center at Healthpoint in Waltham is the practice facility for the Boston Celtics.


Although NESOP does not provide housing facilities, there are many apartments near NESOP and throughout the Waltham area. NESOP recommends looking for accommodations along the MBTA, Massachusetts's public transit system. The school will put incoming students in touch with other students who are seeking roomates in an effort to facilitate this process at the student's request. There are a number of services in the Waltham area dedicated to finding accommodations for anyone in need of housing, and NESOP is happy to work with students during the admissions process to familiarize them with these services.