Our Mission

NESOP exists to meet the increasing demand for more qualified photographic media professionals working in all areas of the photographic, media and imaging industries. Since 1968, we've been helping our students discover and refine their personal visions—and begin exciting careers in all areas of photography. We focus exclusively on photography and its applications in multimedia, providing practical, technical photographic and business training while nurturing your creative development. It is the mission of the school to produce highly skilled, creative and professional craftspeople in the art of visual communications. If it is your goal to become a working, professional photographer, NESOP is the place to start.

What You Can Expect

Inspiring Faculty

 who are also accomplished, working professional photographers, representing all major areas of the industry

Passionate Students

A diverse student body, passionate about learning all aspects of photography in small-class sizes

Advanced Facilities

Access to industry standard equipment like private studios and extensive digital imaging labs

Tight-Knit Community

An invaluable network of photographers, industry relationships and career services dedicated to giving you a head-start for the industry

A Comprehensive Education with Professional Results

NESOP is the school for those serious about pursuing a career in photography. Our intensive Professional Photography Program is sixty weeks of lecture, hands-on instruction and active lab time spread over two academic years. Our graduates attest that it is the ideal timeframe to gain a mastery of the technical and business skills required to succeed as a professional photographer, develop a distinct, identifiable style and achieve visual problem-solving expertise that brings value to the industry and their clients. At NESOP, you find:

  • Students who are passionate about learning all aspects of photography
  • Inspiring faculty, who are also accomplished, working, professional photographers
  • Extensive facilities outfitted with modern, industry-standard equipment
  • Small class sizes and a diverse student body
  • The excitement of studying in Boston, a dynamic, yet manageable city full of resources and opportunities
  • An invaluable network of photographers, industry relationships and student and alumni services dedicated to giving you a head-start in the industry

The Location

NESOP's Vibrant Waltham Location Brings Opportunities and Resources

NESOP is located just minutes outside of Boston in Waltham, Massachusetts—a convenient location within minutes of I-95, the Mass Turnpike (I-90) and Route 2, easily accessible by car and extremely close to public transportation. Waltham offers access to a thriving arts community and an endless supply of photographic subjects in every imaginable area of specialization. While extensive learning takes place within our facility, a tremendous amount of the NESOP education occurs outside of the physical classroom. Instructors regularly take their students on location around Waltham, Boston and beyond for genuine experiential learning, and NESOP students are often found collaborating with students from other institutions, agency professionals and actual clients throughout the area; an opportunity not readily available for students attending photography schools in more rural or isolated environments. Waltham’s local, active art associations and diverse photographic opportunities combined with nearby Boston’s museums, art galleries, world-famous colleges and universities, libraries and countless resources make it the ideal location for NESOP students to learn and live in a friendly and welcoming community.


The Location

Facilities & Equipment

Advanced Facilities--Designed to Enable Exceptional Levels of Learning

NESOP provides approximately 15,000 square feet of facilities set in a vibrant and convenient Waltham location. Our facilities offer open bay and semi-private studios, extensive digital imaging classrooms and labs, traditional classrooms and darkrooms, the Garner Center for Photographic Exhibitions and more.

NESOP stocks professional photographic equipment--you train with the same equipment currently used in the industry and equipment and software you will utilize in your career.

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Graduate Success

Thriving in Today's Media Industry

NESOP graduates are succeeding in all areas of the industry. You’ll find the work of NESOP graduates on the front page of your morning paper, in fashion and news magazines, in top ad agencies and at leading galleries and museums. Our graduates are among many of the country’s leading freelance commercial photographers and photojournalists. And they cite their NESOP experience as crucial to their development as professional photographers. No matter what area of photography they’re in, NESOP graduates bring a high degree of professionalism, skill and creativity to their work. You can shine, too. It all starts at NESOP, where for two years, you can focus on photography with the guidance of our expert faculty and in a community dedicated to helping you achieve success.

Gainful Employment Disclosure

NESOP forces you to step out of your comfort zone.  [It] gave me the tools I needed to thrive in this industry.

Laurén Killian | NESOP Alumna
Wedding & Portraiture Photographer

Frequently Asked Questions

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