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Upon NESOP's closure, there will be a period of time where records are being prepared for transfer to the school's licensing body, and so they may be unavailable for copying.  After April 30, 2020, students may obtain copies of their NESOP records by contacting:

Massachusetts Division of Professional Licensure (DPL), Office of Private Occcupational School Education

1000 Washington Stret

Suite 710

Boston, MA 02118

Phone:  617-727-5811

Email:  Occupational.Schools@mass.gov


The DPL maintains a listing of closed schools on its website with students' records information.  To access that page, please visit:  http://www.mass.gov/dpl/schools, and select Closed School Information--Office of Private Occupational School Education and the Closed School Bulletin(s) and/or the Closed Schools and Student Records.