Camp Photo Workshops

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    Camp Photo 1: Creative Digital Capture and Workflow

    This fast-paced course is designed to help young photographers understand how to use their digital SLR and Adobe Lightroom to capture, organize, and develop high quality images. After a basic overview of exposure, lenses and…

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    Camp Photo 1: Darkroom Magic – Traditional Black and White Photography

    Even in our thoroughly digital world, many photographers are rediscovering the uniquely satisfying process of working with traditional black and white film and paper in the chemical darkroom. This course helps students learn how to…

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    Camp Photo 1: Storytelling & Video

    Instructor: Bruno Debas

    Students will learn storytelling techniques in order to produce a short video film using audio, video and still photography edited through Apple’s Final Cut Pro X.  In addition to acquiring technical skills, the focus of…

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    Camp Photo 2: Advanced Digital Photography Using Photoshop

    Instructor: Caleb Cole

    The perfect complement to the Creative Digital Capture and Workflow course, this class introduces students to the world of creative digital imaging. Working with the instructor in the studio, on location and in NESOP’s state-of-the-art…

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    CAMP PHOTO- 2 Day Course: Cyanotype

    Instructor: Ronald Cowie

    Wednesday and Thursday, 12:00-5:00 PM, 2 Day

    April 19 - April 20

    This two day workshop is an introduction to one of the oldest photographic printing processes known. We will cover the history of the medium, negative making, printing, toning, and photograms. This is a fun, low-stress…

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    CAMP PHOTO- 2 Day Course: Fashion Photography

    Instructor: Kate Murphy

    Tuesday and Wednesday, 10:00-4:00 PM, 2 Day

    April 18 - April 19

    Aimed at giving students a hands on experience in Fashion Portraiture, students will convene at NESOP on day one to discuss technical and conceptual considerations of contemporary fashion photography followed by an afternoon of shooting…

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    CAMP PHOTO- 2 Day Course: Holga

    Instructor: William Franson

    Saturday and Sunday, 10:00-4:00 PM 2 Day

    April 22 - April 23

    There is nothing like the experience of photographing with a Holga. No one takes you seriously. You won’t even take yourself seriously! That is, until you process your first roll and discover images you could…

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    CAMP PHOTO- 2 Day Course: Pinhole Camera

    Instructor: Greg Norstrom

    Saturday and Sunday, 12:00-5:00 PM 2 Day

    May 20 - May 21

    This workshop will introduce students to the creative possibilities of low-tech photography. Reaching all of the way back to the Camera Obscura as inspiration, students will build their own lens-less pinhole cameras using everyday objects…

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